Gold Coast 2014 | We are back!


Alhamdulillah, we are back in Malaysia after a week away to Gold Coast, Australia!! Satu pengalaman baru yang tak dapat dilupakan.. GC best! Itu lah perkataan yg dapat Jat ungkapkan.. First time qualify trip.. First time buat passport.. First time pergi ke Gold Coast.. First time ke Australia.. Thank you Hai-o, thank you GLAM for such an amazing opportunity.. And we get it for FREE!

This is teaser for uols.. Later Jat akan share lagi story kat GC.. Wait for next entry yea ;)

Now, let's enjoy few of our photos!

Paradise Country Farm, Gold Coast

Paradise Jet Boating, Gold Coast

Sea World, Gold Coast
Movie World, Gold Coast

Dinner - Outrigger Surfers Paradise Hotel

Nor Hafizah Mahazir

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