My 2012



So what u have achieved so far throughout the year?

For me, Alhamdulillah in 2012 I have make my very first step into the business.. And this is the biggest, the most important step that I am glad I have choose this path..


My step begin in the end of January.

I joined Premium Beautiful business as a dealer with zero knowledge, nothing in my head but it is just my heart full of spirit and determination..

In March, it is like a super fast introduction.. learning + implementation goes together.. And in this month I have achieved for next level in business : Sales Manager worth RM 20,000 sales!

In July, I have achieved my second level in this business : Senior Sales Manager worth RM60,000 sales!!

In November, I attend Seminar SM/SSM from Green Leaders Group ( GLG ) at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie.. 

And GLAM Celebration for UT 20..

And I am glad from this business I have met many wonderful people..


This is my beautiful life, so far.. and for sure there are much much more to come ahead..

How about yours?
What 2012 brings you?

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